All About the Cure

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The Cure represents some of the most popular and prolific bands from the punk-rock scene. They rose after the legendary seventies punk movement. They can be easily distinguished thanks to their unique look and lyrics. We have selected some of the key points in their history in order to better understand their development into one of the most popular bands in the world.

The band was originally called the Easy Cure but by the time they released their first album the name was changed from marketing and publicity reasons. It was formed in 1976 by a group of schoolmates: Robert Smith (vocals and guitar), Michael Dempsey (bass) and Laurence Tolhurst (drums). The band was formed in the UK and they became one of the most popular bands in their country with their debut single “Killing an Arab”. The rise was thanks to their first producer, Chris Parry. At that time Parry worked for A&R but shortly after he founded his own record label, Fiction. The cure followed their producer, becoming one of the first bands to release an album under their guidance.

The debut album was released in 1979 and made a huge splash in the UK music world. ”Three Imaginary Boys” quickly become a very popular album and was featured on almost every radio station. Later that year, they began their first tour with ”Siouxsie and the Banshees”. During this tour the guitarist of Siouxsie stepped down and Robert Smith took his place. The bands kept a close collaboration for the tours to come.  At the end of 1979 they released a new single. After the release Dempsey left the group in order to join another band, The Associates. He was replaced by Simon Gallup and the band began working on their second album, Seventeen Seconds. They added a keyboardist, Mathieu Dempsey and their range of sound expanded, becoming gloomier. They still released pop hits that were really popular in the UK.

After the release of Seventeen Seconds the band started their first world tour. Following the tour Hartley decided to leave the band and his former band colleagues chose to stick to this formation. They released a new album called The Faith in 1981. The album took place 14 in the ranking and the songs were quickly taking over the radios. The fourth album called Pornography quickly reached top ten and the band started a new tour. After this Simon Gallup chose to leave the band and Tolhurst moved to keyboards.

The band had a huge success during the eighties in the UK and in the US. Band members kept switching and the band released more than ten albums and re-recordings. They also made a song for the X-files soundtrack. They ended their collaboration with the Fiction and signed a new contract with Geffen Records in 2003. They released a series of new singled and started working on re-recording.

The Cure left its footprint in the Rock and Roll hall of fame and we will see the band making history in the years to come.

The Cure