All about the Killers

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The US-based rock band Killers was formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2001 and comprise of four members; Brandon Flowers (vocals), Mark Stoermer playing (bass), Dave Keuning (guitar) and Ronnie Vannuci (drums). Flowers, who initially was part of the synth Blush Response band before being kicked out for rejecting to move to Los Angeles with the rest of the members. He joined up with Dave Keuning, and they wrote songs, with ‘Mr. Brightside’ being one of the hit singles. Later on, the former duo teamed up with Vannuci and Stoermer forming The Killers band as we know it today.

The band started performing in local clubs in their hometown and caught the attention of a U.K. Warner Bros representative. However, the Warner Bros representative didn’t sign them to Warner Bros but instead issued a demo to one Lizard King, a London-stationed indie imprint. Consequently, the band garnered a lot of popularity in the U.K. By the fall of 2003, the band’s fame had grown across the pond, and culminating in getting a prime spot in the annual CMJ Music Marathon.

Hot Fuss

In June 2004, Killers released their debut album Hot Fuss which featured top singles like “All These Things That I’ve Done,” “Smile Like You Mean It,” “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me.” Hot Fuss reached seventh on the Billboard Top 200 and hit the top spot in the UK.  The album sold over seven million copies sold globally and garnered five Grammy nominations. Following the massive success of their first album, the band chose to work on a second album rather than go on tours promoting Hot Fuss.

Sam’s Town

Killers engaged the services of Alan Moulder and Flood, renowned producers who had worked with other famous bands such as U2 and the Smashing Pumpkins. The Killers’ second album Sam’s Town was nostalgic and addressed the matter of the end of traditional American values with Bruce Springsteen as the source of inspiration. Sam’s Town didn’t hit the heights of Hot Fuss; nonetheless, the album garnered two Grammy nominations, three U.S singles and selling over 700,000 records worldwide in the first week.

Day & Age

Releasing their third studio album – Day & Age – in 2008, The Killers went on to sell over three million copies internationally. Day & Age comprised of pop imitations and elements of dance-rock, made by renowned producer Stuart Price – well-known for working with great artists such as Gwen Stephani and Madonna – influencing it. The hit single “Human” ensured the band’s commercial success soared and was later followed by the release of a concert album “Live from the Royal Albert Hall,” which won the Best International Band Prize at the NME Awards in 2009. However, the band decided to take a break with Vannuci, Stoermer and Flowers releasing solo albums.

Battle Born

For their fourth studio album Battle Born featured producers like Daniel Lanois, Brendan O’Brien, Stuart Price and Damian Taylor. Released in September 2012, the album went on to debut at Number One on the UK Official Albums.