How Music Effects this Generation

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Music has such a large influence on people of all ages but especially on the younger generations as they are at a much more impressionable time in their lives. Music is not just about the lyrics anymore either, music now influences the fashion industry, the speech of the generation, art, and so much more. Music can spread powerful messages, or it can be harmful, it is important that people choose the right music to listen to when they are in these fragile years of their youth. More and more artists are talking about the worlds issues at large, for example the young singer and songwriter Logic openly speaks up about mental illness and what we can do to help. Racism has long been a part of the music industry, but more and more artists are now bringing it to the forefront and singing about it. Things that may have been hard to discuss in previous years are become more and more acceptable to talk about and this is having a profound and positive effect on society as a whole but especially the youth. They are realizing that it is ok to speak up when they are hurt or sad and music is truly saving lives.

Music brings people together, it units them over a common sound and over a common message. It allows you to express yourself when perhaps you didn’t know what to say before. While a lot of what is being listened to by the younger generations is new and maybe not what you’ve heard before there is of course a huge influence from music of the past. Artists are pulling samples from old songs and reworking them into something new and beautiful. Bustling larger cities like San Francisco and New York have an entire culture that revolves around the music industry. There is also what seems to be a new language, a lingo, that is derived from these songs. Words like “Hyphy” and “Yadadamean” have become common place words in today’s youth’s vocabulary. Young ones look up to these artists and their lyrics, and whatever they say goes, even if it is new words completely. Slang within the youth is always evolving and new and different words are being thrown around every day. A great way to keep up with what they are talking about is Urban Dictionary.

Music also influence what the youth of today wear when it comes to fashion. Rap and hip hop especially have influenced the fashion world, celebrities seen wearing sneakers and baggy pants that give you that 90’s hip hop vibe are now being copied by teenagers all around the world. Brands like Nike and Adidas are bringing back older styles and artists are showing them off in their music videos and then of course they become the latest trend. Kanye West who is mostly known as a Rapper/Hip Hop artist has branched out into the fashion world in the last few years, mixing the art of music and fashion into one with is successful fashion line. Every little move that is made in the music industry effects this new generation.