How to Start Your Own Small Band

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If you are passionate about starting your own band, then there are some steps you should take to increase your chances of being successful. There are a lot of great bands that have tried to get started but there are also many that did not make it, so there are a few steps that you can take before you decide to start your band. Some careful planning needs to be done before you go out and start playing in public and hopefully getting a record deal, with these tips we are sure you’ll make it!

Pick a Genre

You need to decide on what type of music you are going to play. There are several music genres to choose from such as pop, rock, heavy metal, rap, or alternative. Chances are you already have a preferred music genre. Another very important question that you need to ask yourself is what audience you will be playing for. You need to decide if you will be a band that likes to play at bars or clubs or if you would rather be a band that can play at weddings and other special events such as birthday bashes. If you are thinking of the wedding and events option, then you may need to be prepared to play more than one type or genre of music as tastes of people may vary considerably. The age of your audience will also vary more than say the audience found at a bar or club.

Choose Your Members

The next stage of your planning should be to think about how many people you need in your band and if you want all males, all females or a mix of genders. Once the members of the band are decided on you need to establish how everyone will look in terms of dress and style. Clothing and accessories and even mannerisms and behaviors should match the type of music and audience you are playing for. You can look at how bands in your chosen genre tend to dress and behave to get some ideas. Do consider your audience though. If you decide on a rock band that will also play at weddings you may need to wear more conservative outfits and act with more decorum than if you were playing at a rock festival for instance.

You may already have friends or people in mind when choosing band members. If you do not have anyone in mind, then you can advertise for potential band members. You will need people who can play instruments, such as the guitar and drums, and you will need vocalists. When interviewing people for the band you need to ensure that everyone agrees in terms of the aims of the band, feel of the band and even how often the band practices.


You need to consider how you will advertise your band. Aside from flyers and posters you can use social media as a good marketing tool. You need to think of a good name for your band that should be appropriate for the type of music you are playing. Once again consider your audience and be careful not to select an offensive name or a name that may be difficult for people to remember. Although some bands may have names that are more than two words, these tend to be harder for people to remember. If you follow these steps you will be on your way to having your own music band.