New Indie Bands to Look Out For

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The year is 2018, and the music industry more than ever is anticipating a glut of indie bands to take a stab at the industry in a bid to win over the fan base. Currently, the Underground rock ‘n’ roll scene is bubbly with new indie bands popping up every other time while the more established ones are keen on consolidating their status. Let’s take a look at some of the new indie bands you ought to watch out for:

1. Anteros

Be it live band or on record, Anteros are lively and entertaining which bodes for their artistic allure and stylish elegance. The band’s lead singer, Laura has a voice commanding and deep and is still able to switch quickly to soft and gentle tones. These trait blends well with indie rock and pop thereby fusing the two genres effortlessly. Anteros delight fans during live performances with exceptional artistic and stylish performances.


2. Yonaka

Hailing from Brighton, UK, Yonaka is a breath of fresh air if their releases over the past year are anything to go by. Yonaka’s impressive live performances are down to its lead singer’s – Theresa Jarvis – ability to switch momentarily from naturally flowing soft, subtle vocals to deep bursts of power. Furthermore, the band’s instrumentation technique comprises a blend of heavy riffs, powerful beats, poetic skepticism and suggestive lyrics.


3. False Heads

Indeed the leading group at the moment, False Heads comprises of three wild and riotous individuals, exactly what DIY post junk rock is all about. Luke, the singer, spits raw and cruel music whereas the guitarist Jake plays the guitar with high aggression and Barney the drummer sets the tone for sharp and tenacious beats present in all their releases. Luke Griffiths’ unique lyricism proves his ingenuity as his lyrics remain forceful and refined. False Heads 2017 EP Gutter Press was loud, irate punk rock from young men who had a lot to let out.


Breed comprises of four members and is one of the most celebrated bands at the moment. Their style is a blend of indie rock/post-punk which adds wild tunes to their music.  Tracks like ‘Gimme More’ and ‘Get With It’ are an example of the band’s unique style. The band’s singer, Jake, has a voice full of determination and combined with the repeated guitar loops the result is an incredible rock ‘n’ rock sound. Its little wonder why the band is among the bands you need to keep a keen eye on.

5. Hotel Lux

Hotel Lux consists of five individuals who are gradually taking over as the faces of London’s post-punk subculture due to their raw underground DIY roots.  The band’s sound is distinctive exceptionally curated and filled with crazy mysticism big factors behind Hotel Lux’s explosive live performances. Furthermore, the band builds up a punk atmosphere by using grimy bass lines and crude riffs while interlinking synth keyboard notes into their songs, consequently producing a post-punk beat synonymous to those of the 80s and 90s.