Top Jobs in The Music Industry

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There are several jobs in the music industry. Many more than you might think there are. A lot goes on behind the scenes that we don’t even know about and someone must have this job. Some of the top jobs can bring a sizeable paycheck, and in some cases, fame. While a few of these jobs you may be aware of, others you may not have thought of. For instance, a musician playing in a well-known orchestra can earn over $100,000 a year. There is very stiff competition for this type of job though, and it would be difficult to be hired, at least initially, by a very well-known orchestra.

The Fun Jobs

A video game sound designer can also earn a very decent salary, as can sound mixers and song composers. Working as a recording engineer will also be a good salary as this person is integral to musicians today. Another area that can be good is to work as, is as a live event sound engineer where you are responsible for lighting systems and sound systems and production of events. You would have to have good knowledge to do this job.

You may not become famous being in an orchestra or working as a recording engineer or sound designer, but you can certainly earn a decent, if not above average salary, compared with other jobs. Obvious top jobs include being a singer or music artist. However, there is a lot of competition here and you have to have a great deal of natural talent and ability, which few people actually have. The very talented can make huge sums of money and can become very famous, for example, Beyoncé, and Justin Bieber.

In Demand and Necessary Jobs

Songwriting is another job where a person can be very successful. Someone must write the songs for the music artists, although some musicians and bands do write their own songs. How much money a person earns depends on many factors, so a songwriter may not earn as much as people with other careers in the industry. However, songwriters who gain royalties for a popular song can make a substantial amount of money. It really depends on if the song is a hit or not.

Most music artists also hire a manager, somebody who can help take care of the business needs for their clients. This can mean finding opportunities for their clients and being involved in negotiating contracts. Managers need a good knowledge of business and can earn a good salary for their efforts. While we think of music artists as being able to earn a lot of money so too can music producers. Since music producers are involved in the entire recording process, they can earn way above average. Being a music producer requires a great deal of knowledge about trends in the industry as well as knowledge of the technology that is used.

Another job in the music industry that most people would not think of is to be a music attorney. Of course, you would need a law degree to do this, but a good music attorney can make a good living. These jobs are near the top in terms of salary within the music industry.