Top Ten Indie Rock Bands In Europe

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Rock music seems to have lost its shine as other genres have taken over the world of music today. It seems as if the style of music is living off past glory and the only stars that talked about now are the established bands that have since passed on the torch. However, last year was good for Rock music as lots of young and red-blooded bands sprung up from scratch and are changing the face of the genre. In this well-prepared list, you will find the list of the top ten indie rock bands that are currently shaking the whole of Europe.


This band came out with their raw, scintillating guitar style that is hard to overlook. They are the most exciting rock band from Italy. They have continued to impress all over Europe and are strongly making a name for themselves. They have faithfully used their native tongue in all their songs and have dropped quite some hits so far. Some of their best songs are ‘Elefante,’ ‘Valvonauta,’ ‘Ultranoia’ the ballads ‘Angie’.


This group chooses its name after the popular US basketball star “Michael Finley.” The group started off in 2002 and had grown to become one of the most popular bands in Europe today. Their style of music is similar to that of the famous American band “Blink 182,” and they are famous even across Europe. They are the winners of the best Italian act in the 2006 and 2008 versions of MTV Europe Music Awards.


This band started off in 1985 and has been around since then. Their music was originally in English until they dropped the album “Germi” in 1995 which had all the songs in native Italian. Their tunes are a gracious mix of melody and irony, with well-structured lyrics and fascinating tunes.


Lost was Formed in 2003, and have grown to become one of the best musical acts in Italy and Europe. They won the best Italian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2009 and are very much liked by rock fans across Europe.

A Toys Orchestra

This is another indie rock band with a difference. Their style is not general,l but not so distinct. They are famous for their melodious tunes, catchy lyrics, and great stage performances.

Black Honey

Black honey is one of the most exciting British rock band and has continued to impress their fans with good music. They became famous throughout Europe after the release of their debut EP in October 2014, which features some of their best selling tunes like “The Taste” and “Dark Teenager.”

The Bohicas

This music group is popular for their energetic stage performance and live sounds, with hit tracks like the “XXX,” “Bloodhound” and “Crush me” they have continued to strike musical pleasure in the hearts of their fans.

The Bulletproof Bomb

This is one of the youngest rock bands of today that are dishing out quite-inspired tunes that brings back the hard rock style of the 80s. These guys are doing well for themselves and have dominated the UK music scene for a long time now.

The Carnabys

This group started off by winning the Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the band’s competition in 2013, and they are now tipped to become one of the greatest rock band from Europe.

Circa Waves

Circa waves is a four-man rock band formed in 2013, their unique guitar display and strong stage performances have lifted to the top of the food chain.