What is Indie Music?

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Indie music stands for independent music, and this is a very accurate name for what it is. It is music that has been produced independently, or not by any major commercial record label. This often means that the music has a do it yourself approach. From the recording to the producing of the music. Since the popularity of independent music has grown over the years more and more indie labels have come into existence. While they are record labels, they are not large commercial labels and still hold true to the indie sounds. Independent labels have often had to struggle to get where they are they are up against the large commercial labels, but they have brought about some of the greatest music in history. Many have tried to form independent labels but where bale to stay afloat as it is a vicious industry. Those that have survived have earned their place.

Indie can also refer to a genre, there is indie pop, indie rock and so on. When it is referring to a genre it does not always mean that the music was procured by an independent label but that the music has a specific sound, often they don’t fall into the typical genres and sounds already out there, they are more unique and different and therefore referred to as indie. While the term was originally always used to describe the label that is actually not what usually comes to mind when you hear the term indie nowadays. People have used it so often to describe a type of music or genre that this is now what it is more popularly known for. Many famous musicians and bands were once labelled as indie, for example Coldplay, but then as they grew in popularity they outgrew the term as well. Indie bands often want to remain different and unknown, as that is what makes them more unique.

What is now referred to as grunge was not always a genre, so bands, such as Nirvana were categorized as indie as they did not seem to fit into any other genre. In a way it is a holding place, a waiting room, until the type of music or sound becomes so popular that perhaps a new genre is created just for it. As the music industry grows and grows so do the number of genres and types of music that are produced. Whether you like indie music as a whole, or perhaps a sub-genre you no doubt have listened to indie music in your lifetime. Perhaps without evening knowing you listened to a band that was produced by an indie record label, steering clear of the commercial record label that have taken over the industry so viciously. Regardless of how, when, or why you listen to Indie music you can clearly see that it has become a huge part of the music industry and it doesn’t look like it will be going away any time soon, so get listening.